Testimonials: Corinne Card

‘I worked with Philippa after starting my own business. I had been asked to speak at BrightonSEO in spring 2018, in front of 500 industry insiders, and I had never spoken in front of a large audience before.

The thought was overwhelming and terrifying, but I knew that an opportunity like this could help my business if I could perform well on the day.

Through one-on-one coaching, Philippa helped me to build my confidence. She also taught me the tricks of the trade for public speaking and how I could make the most of my natural speaking style.

The BrightonSEO speech was a success and I was asked back to speak at the same conference in 2019, this time in front of 1,000 people.

It’s life-changing to have the confidence and know-how to speak well in public. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to improve professionally and personally invests in a coaching course with Philippa.’

Corinne Card, co-founder Full Story Media, trainer, speaker, digital PR