Learn Public Speaking online

Online 1-1 coaching with Philippa Hammond.

Confident Public Speaking and Train the Trainer Essentials.

For beginners, improvers and experienced speakers.

We’re all getting used to a different way of working right now.

You may not be getting business at the moment.

If you’re working from home or self-isolating, those four walls can feel very limiting.

And worries about how you’ll feel, look and sound get in the way of you putting yourself in front of an audience, camera or mic.

You’re not alone!

We all need to keep promoting and sharing what we do.

So we’re doing our best to see this time as a gift, an opportunity to self-develop, stay positive and prepared.

And social media’s helping us keep connected, for when this is all over.

Maybe you’re considering:

Making a how-to video.

Hosting Zoom events, webinars and meetings.

Launching into Linked In Live, Facebook Live and Instagram TV.

You’re getting used to new technology and looking at your business from a public speaking and training point of view.

Or you might have decided to use the time to get to grips with public speaking nerves. Time to learn some practical tips ready for the next time you’re asked to stand up in front of a real-life audience.

I can help you do it well.

I train and coach confident public speaking and train the trainer essentials.

I’m now delivering virtually to suit clients’ needs, wherever you may be.

My one-to-one online coaching gives you a quick easy introduction to key essentials:

What matters most when you’re starting to plan – including getting to grips with nerves.

A tried and tested method for preparing any presentation.

Some practical tips for delivering events, presentations and training online or in person.

Why: The benefits for you

Learn to deal with nerves and develop new confidence and a positive outlook.

Build practical new knowledge and insider information, including:

Actor skills for developing your voice and personal impact.

Top speaker and trainer skills for preparing, writing and delivering a memorable presentation.

Insider tips for feeling, looking and sounding good on camera, mic, or in person.

If you’re social distancing too, it’s a great way to keep energetic, positive and in control of your self-development.

How: About my coaching

Face to face online meetings via Zoom, discussing your current situation, issues and concerns, personal development needs and goals.

My advice and questions, followed by links to valuable videos, articles etc.

You might also like to choose:

Video review: Video yourself delivering your prepared presentation and send it to me.

Follow-up Zoom discussion with me on your visual, vocal and verbal impact, plus feedback on your PowerPoint slides.

Audio review: Audio record yourself delivering your prepared presentation, podcast or reading from your own work and send it to me.

Follow-up Zoom discussion with me on your vocal and verbal impact.

Dress rehearsal: Our Zoom meeting can include a live rehearsal and discussion of your upcoming presentation.

Anything you need.

All sessions include:

Enjoyable exercises to keep you growing and developing, with a clear action plan for your next steps.

Written feedback via email.


£50.00 for a one hour session

£90.00 for two sessions

[VAT not charged]


For a free Discovery Call from me to discuss your needs

Text/call: 07594 825730

Email: philippa@speakingwellinpublic.co.uk

Philippa Hammond