Training: The Professional Voice

New for Summer 2016

Speaking Well In Public presents:

The Professional Voice

A 3-hour workshop

Public speaking skills for business

Audience: for beginners, brushing up the basics and the nervous speaker

Speaking well in public is a vital personal and professional skill.

Prepare your team for pitching and presentations, press conferences, training, meetings, difficult conversations and challenging audiences.

Outcomes and benefits

  • deal with nerves and build confidence
  • develop your voice and personal impact
  • deliver an effective message

You can book this in-house course as part of your

  • conference programme
  • training and development programme
  • management and leadership development programme
  • team-building activities
  • outplacement support for your people who will be leaving you soon

Length: three hours

The programme

Session 1: The Elevator Pitch

An essential skill:
Introducing yourself and your business at meetings, conferences and networking events

Session 2: Dealing With Nerves

How you feel:
Why we get nervous in front of an audience
What public speaking does to us all
Developing new confidence

Session 3: Speaking Well In Public

Your visual impact – how you look:
Body language, gesture, expressions and eye contact

Your vocal impact – how you sound:
Relaxation, breathing, developing your professional voice


In-course practical exercises, personal reflection and supportive feedback from peer group and tutor throughout
Post-course development guidance

The details

Held at your venue

Numbers at your discretion – minimum of 4 people, groups of 6 or 12 are ideal

Course needs: flipchart stand, paper, pens and Post-its

No PowerPoint required

Available at short notice

Minimal delegate preparation required


Contact for discussion and bookings

Philippa Hammond

Speaking Well In Public

M – 07017 037590

T – 01273 500950