Management and Leadership Skills

Principles and concepts essential to the new and future leader / manager’s professional and personal development.

We tailor our seminars, master-classes and 1-1 coaching to your needs.

We can deliver a one day Leadership Essentials event to your requirements.

Alternatively, you might wish to book a longer programme covering a wide variety of topics from our leadership and public speaking menus. For example, if you wish to develop your new managers, you might choose First Steps In Leadership, Performance Management and Introduction to Coaching.

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Some examples of our Leadership development events

Leadership Essentials: First Steps– how to get the best out of yourself and others

  • what makes people tick – understanding your own and others’ personality, learning styles and motivations
  • key leadership qualities
  • establishing personal presence through voice and body language
  • dealing with nerves and personal confidence-building
  • becoming more assertive

Performance Management – developing confident communication skills for tackling difficult conversations and situations

  • conversational skills
  • holding the one to one
  • setting SMART objectives
  • techniques for giving difficult or developmental performance feedback
  • dealing with under-performance

Introduction To Coaching – helping team members, colleagues and clients to identify, set and achieve their goals

  • introduces the GROW questions model for effective coaching conversations.

Change Management – skills for introducing and managing change at work

  • emotional reactions to change
  • a practical process for successfully handling the moment the change is introduced

Persuading And Influencing – skills for persuading, influencing, negotiating with others

  • thinking, feeling and behaving assertively
  • the voice of influence – using language and your vocal skills to influence others
  • “Dragons’ Den” – a practical exercise

The Confident Communicator – skills for managing and developing others

  • developing the confidence to hold the difficult conversation, deliver honest, respectful and constructive feedback, manage performance and behaviour, deliver bad news and deal with challenging people and situations

Facilitation Skills – skills for running meetings, training sessions and discussions

  • the effective facilitator’s key qualities and skills
  • ten techniques for your toolkit
  • facilitation challenge exercise

New: Time Management – practical skills for managing your time at work and at home for personal effectiveness and results

  • includes the Urgent / Important matrix

And our Train the Trainer and Confident Public Speaking training can enhance your leader / manager development programmes, too.

Practical Exercises

We recommend that all our events include skills practices and interactive elements, allowing the delegates to put it all into context and learn by doing. For example:

  • presentations to class and / or to camera
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • group exercises doubling as learning experiences and as team building events
  • skills practices with group and tutor feedback
  • private one-to-one feedback evaluating and reviewing a presentation
  • post course work for continuing personal and professional development

We can tailor a bespoke corporate event of any length for your company or organisation, incorporating and adapting any of these modules to your needs.

We can add a video element to your event – a permanent record of your delegates’ performance for personal development and discussion.

We can add an interactive roleplay element to your event, with professional actors experienced in creating and sustaining believable situations to develop confidence, knowledge and skill.

If you don’t see what you require, please contact us.

We’ll be pleased to advise you.


For further information, discussions and bookings:

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