Workshop: Leadership Essentials

New for 2017

Our new one day Leadership Essentials in-house course


A 70:20:10 approach with questions, reflection, discussion, skills practice, shared feedback, mini presentations

Pre and post course reading


The aspiring, new and developing manager

Course Aim

To introduce, explore and refresh some key leadership and management concepts

Course Objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be able to

Reflect on and discuss their own skills, performance and needs

Demonstrate techniques for:
Presenting themselves in a professional environment
Planning and holding team conversations
Delivering honest, respectful and constructive developmental feedback
Handling a difficult conversation

The organisation’s vision values and goals


Pre-course preparation

The elevator pitch
Where you are now and where you want to be as a leader
What do your manager, colleagues and direct reports say about you and your leadership style?
What do you do well?
What would you like to do better?
What are your goals for this year?
Three words that sum up your style

Session 1: About you – Your personal and professional leadership brand

What ‘brand’ means to you
The elevator pitch practice and feedback
Dealing with nerves
Characteristics of great leaders
Where are you now and where you want to be as a leader
Personal impact – virtual, visual, vocal and verbal

Session 2: About your organisation

Sphere of influence
Your organisation’s mission, vision, values and goals

Session 3: About your people – Motivating, inspiring, persuading and influencing

Leadership and management theories and styles
Key leadership skills – emotional intelligence, drivers, needs and fears, questioning and listening, selling the idea

Session 4: Developing others – Goal setting, feedback, difficult conversations

The regular 1-1
SMART goal setting
How we learn – 70:20:10
Skills and techniques for giving effective feedback
Dealing with under-performance and the difficult conversation

Session 5: Change management

The four stages of change
A practical process for communicating & managing change


Leadership Essentials can be delivered as headline essentials over one day, or expanded as more detailed modules over a longer programme.

The course can be adapted and developed to suit your needs.

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