Latest news – Upcoming Training And Instructional Techniques course

Delighted to say that next week I’m delivering another of the Training and Instructional Techniques courses I designed for the Civil Aviation Authority International at Gatwick Airport.

It’s a public course, for aspiring, new and developing trainers, and for brushing up the basics if it’s been a while.

Subject matter experts are a brilliant resource in your business, and with this three day in classroom course at Gatwick, your SMEs will start their journey to become an extra asset – with the new knowledge, skills and mindsets they need to pass on that expertise to your people.

It’s practical and engaging and on the last day every delegate delivers a short training presentation to the group with discussion and feedback.

If you’d like to book a place or find out about later courses, details here

If you’d like to discuss the course content, let me know.


Philippa Hammond

Humour – should speakers tell jokes?

‘Just start with a joke’ is so often given as advice to nervous speakers – but I DON’T advise it!

Why not – surely getting them laughing is a great way to relax everyone?

Sure … but are you an experienced professional stand-up comedian with years of honing your craft at open mic nights and social clubs?

If yes, fantastic! Go for it.

But if not …

Trying to tell a joke or opening with a funny remark that falls flat because you’re nervous or inexperienced will only make you feel worse.

So instead, keep it sincere, and short. And leave the jokes to the experts.

Philippa Hammond