What’s your story?

How did you come to do the thing you love to do now?

How did you come to do the thing you love to do now? I’m on an interesting journey and I bet you are, too.

The first half of my Civil Service life, I was an immigration officer, working shifts on the control at Gatwick.

I most enjoyed passport forgery detection – and one day, a colleague invited me to assist him in a presentation to new trainees, showing examples and chatting about forgery and counterfeiting. This led to travelling abroad to train airline staff. And I was hooked.

In parallel, my partner and I were also involved in the Brighton and Edinburgh theatre scene, creating and performing shows.

Then the big leap – I joined the newly expanding training unit at Gatwick in response to a huge recruitment drive.

One Certificate in L&D Practice later, I was now a full time L&D officer, learning my trade with daily practice.

Down in Brighton, we were now involved in film making, too.

And when the offer of an attractive redundancy package was made – I took it.

Now? Everything combines. 

I blend my acting, voice and screen experience with my corporate training, coaching and leadership skills to train Confident Public Speaking, Train the Trainer, Leadership and Employability skills for business.

What’s your story?

Philippa x