Trainer tales

All trainers have a story about how we got here

All trainers have a story about how we got here.

I started by giving informal training talks to colleagues, then helping out a trainer on a one day event, then occasionally travelling abroad to train airline staff – all while mostly doing the day job, where I was seen as a subject matter expert.

Realising it was the training that had captured my interest, I seized the chance to join a newly expanding full time training unit, inducting, training and developing new and established colleagues.

My employer funded my CIPD training, which led to a professional training qualification and a new way of thinking and talking about myself and my work as a trainer ‘brand’.

And then came the unthinkable – redundancy. But with it came a new beginning, the chance to reinvent and grow. That redundancy was the best thing that could have happened. Today, I’m an actor, voice artist and learning and development consultant. My business, Speaking Well In Public, trains confident public speaking, leadership, train the trainer and employability essentials.

I offer short L&D contracts, 1-1 coaching to private clients and corporate development programmes.

Each new step happened because I said ‘yes’ to a new chance. So what’s your story?

Philippa Hammond

Confident Public Speaking for leadership, management and business

Corporate workshops and online 1-1 coaching