Article: Ten tips for successful public speaking

2013-05-22 14.42.56 


People can be more frightened of public speaking than of spiders and death.Don’t panic! Here come my ten tips for success…

Ten Tips 1: Planning and preparing well will help develop your confidence, and ensure that your speech or presentation is a success

Ten Tips 2: Focus: Decide on your aim and objectives for the presentation – find out about your audience’s needs, so it’s relevant to them

Ten Tips 3: Gather, prioritise and structure your material

Ten Tips 4: Make brief speaking notes and cue cards to refer to, or if you’re reading a formal script, learn Reading Aloud skills

Ten Tips 5: Use a visual aid to make it more interesting and memorable – but it doesn’t have to be Powerpoint

Ten Tips 6: Rehearse, especially first and last words. Increase confidence, ensure smooth performance and find where you need to make changes

Ten Tips 7: Deal with nerves. Even though you’re prepared and rehearsed, you’ll feel nervous, so study some confidence-building techniques

Ten Tips 8: Work on your vocal and non-verbal communication, develop an interesting voice and support your message with your body language

Ten Tips 9: Prepare for questions in advance, and practice your assertiveness skills for handling the difficult audience with style

Ten Tips 10: ‘How did I do?’ Seek and accept feedback positively, work on your message and delivery for improving your next presentation

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