Article: Three public speaking essentials

Something public speakers often forget is … it isn’t about you, it’s about your audience.

Three tips to capture their attention, keep their interest and get your message across:

1) Slow down!


It’ll help keep you calm, master those nerves and give your voice resonance and power.

If time’s short, resist the urge to speed up.

Speaking less can sometimes mean they remember more.

2) Keep it clear

A few tongue twisters before you go on will help you warm up.

Control your pace, volume and articulation to give your speaking impact.

It will help keep their attention.

3) Allow the pause

Um / you know / sort of / kinda / like …

Those meaningless noises just get in your way.

Edit them out.

Allow the pause instead, to let your audience catch up and think over what you’re saying. They will keep listening to you – and they”ll understand more.

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Philippa Hammond