Perfect pitch

A three-step approach to pitching for your next contract

A three-step approach to pitching for your next contract.

Any business pitch needs to show that you’ve considered them and their needs, what you have to offer them and how great you could be together.

Step 1 – about them:

Know their task; what they’re all about, and the pride they take in their achievements and successes.

Understand their values, beliefs and goals, and how they perceive their image and reputation.

Empathise with their worries, the issues, problems and challenges they face, the efficiencies they’re called on to deliver and the mistakes they regret.

You’re telling them ‘we know who you are, we respect and take you seriously, and we know what it’s like, because we’ve listened.

Step 2 – about you:

Ensure they know what you do, what you’re great at and what you’re currently doing.

Be able to highlight your USP, what’s so special about you, your success stories, awards and achievements.

You’re telling them ‘we’re experienced, qualified and skilled, we’ve done this before for people you respect, and we can do this for you, too – we’re a fit.’

Step 3 – about us:

Talk about your practical, realistic solutions.

You’re telling them ‘you’ve got a problem – we’ve got what you need.’

‘Here’s how we’ll help you, our specific proposals, how we’ll benefit you.’

‘We understand what’s wrong and what you want to achieve; you can trust us and we’ll work together to make it better. This is our promise to you.’

So next time you’re preparing a pitch, think through these three steps while you plan, and use them as the basis for your presentation.

And finally … remember that people don’t hire Powerpoint presentations; they hire people.