Marketing the brand ‘new you’

Attention + Interest + Desire + Action – how to capture and keep their attention

In the sales world, AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The advertiser needs to grab the customer’s attention, hold interest, spark desire and spur action, in order to secure a sale [it’s not so different from dating…].

And you should do the same when packaging and marketing your product – you – to the world.

Your elevator pitch, website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook updates, business card, CV, application, cover letter, speech, interview performance… they can all benefit from the AIDA approach.

Grab their Attention first off, with a positive, striking hit of instant memorability, for all the right reasons. You want their eye to stop with you. Your CV – well-designed and laid out. Your personal impact at interview – smart, well groomed and articulate. Your first impressions when making a speech – relaxed, poised and prepared. Those first impressions do last, and they tend to be visual.

Then you want to keep their Interest sustained once you’ve attracted it. Identify what’s unique and special about you, your unique selling point [USP], keeping it relevant and focussed, and practice talking knowledgeably and confidently about what you have to offer them.

They’ll be thinking “what’s in it for me? How can you make me money, save me money, make me look good?” All being well, you have something they need. What you have to offer should now be sparking their Desire!

And finally – Action. All this should lead to spurring them into making the move – phoning, emailing, interviewing and hiring you. PH