How do you talk about – you?

What’s your key skillset? Whatever your field, there’ll be something essential, central to your practice.

What’s your key skillset? Whatever your field, there’ll be something essential, central to your practice. How do you describe yours?

I believe it’s possible to be both heart- and business-centred. The people and their needs will always be at the heart of my practice, with the business goals at its head.

As a trainer/coach, I see learning and development as a four sided diamond, all about quality and clarity:

💠Audience learning, development and performance needs analysis

💠Designing, writing and creating content and supporting materials to deliver new knowledge, develop new skills and encourage new mindsets

💠Hands on delivery, whether in person or online, with a wide variety of delivery methods

💠Kirkpatrick-style evaluation, focussing on their reaction, learning, behaviour and results.

It’s all about triggering (and crucially, supporting) a permanent change in behaviour that achieves the organisation’s goals.

How do you describe you and what you do?

Philippa x

What’s wrong?

Absolutely essential questions for your clients – and for you

What’s keeping you up at night? What’s the worry? What’s wrong? Whether I’m working with an individual client, a cohort of workshop delegates or an organisation, these questions are key.

Helping them look at where they are now, holding up a mirror to their current situation and supporting them as they reflect is so rewarding.

I love to see people feeling they’ve been  given permission to be vulnerable, to be open about what’s not quite right and getting clear about what they want.

Pinning down those problems, identifying the triggers and the blocks, and acknowledging what’s driving them and what they truly need.

And saying yes – this is what I want and I’m going for it.

Whether you’re an individual client, attending one of my group workshops or looking for a corporate learning and development programme … I’ll be asking you to ask yourself those questions!

Philippa x

Confident Public Speaking skills for leadership, management and business

‘Are they … judging me??’

Do you secretly wonder what they must think of you when you stand up to speak?

Do you secretly wonder what they must think of you when you stand up to speak? Maybe they’re criticising your appearance. Your voice. Your message. Judging.

I’ve trained countless business people on how to feel, look and sound their best and deliver a great message, using simple tried and tested insider techniques.

Anyone can learn! Here are some quick tips to help you:

🌠Be prepared! Ask yourself what your audience really need from you right now and give it to them in clear, simple plain English.

🌠Wear something you’re familiar with and know it’s in a great colour for you and fits you well.

🌠Breathe deeply from your diaphragm not your chest, and allow the pause. Much more effective and easy to follow than a nervous ‘um’-infested gabble.

If you’d like to step into spring with more public speaking confidence and impact, I’m offering my new Speak Up And Step Up 1-1 coaching programmes.

Philippa x
Confident Public Speaking skills for leadership, management and business

Train the Trainer 2-day programme

Develop your subject matter experts into confident new trainers!

Train the Trainer in-house corporate development events

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

I’m delighted to say my classroom-based in-house corporate events are now available again.

Do contact me if you would like to discuss making a booking

Philippa Hammond

Train your trainers

Your people need to be able to achieve your organisation’s mission, vision and values – and to do that, you need great trainers.

‘You’re great at your job, so you’ll be great at training it!’

Sound familiar?

It’s a bit like saying ‘you’re a great football player – so you can drive the team bus to the next match!’

But do they understand how and why adults learn, current learning and development thinking, practical training, facilitation and presentation techniques that work?

Training’s a very particular set of knowledge, skills and mindsets – and these can be learned.

Train the Trainer 2-day personal development programme

This programme offers an introduction to essential training skills.

Delegates explore key training topics, with practical elements and individual feedback throughout.


A practical first step for aspiring and new trainers who are subject matter experts

A practical refresher for returning trainers

A practical introduction to training for delegates new to the learning and development management role

Course Information

Aim To introduce, practice and develop essential new knowledge, skills and mindsets that prepare your trainers to train

Style A fast-paced, participative, interactive 70:20:10 approach. Tuition, discussion, practical exercises, prepared presentations, reflection, with peer group and tutor’s honest, respectful and constructive feedback

Location This is an in-house event held at your venue

Online option Please contact me if you would like to discuss a bespoke online group event

Objectives and learning outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

The training cycle

The 70:20:10 approach

How to do a learning needs analysis

The Kirkpatrick evaluation system

Planning and preparing a short training session with a visual aid

Exercises for developing confidence, their professional voice and effective body language

Their own short training session

Feedback on observed sessions

Pre course preparation

Short reading list and video playlist

For Day 1: All delegates prepare to give their thirty-second elevator pitch – their answer to ‘who are you, what do you do and what makes you so great?’

For Day 2: Delegates design and prepare to deliver their own short ten-minute training presentations

Course Programme Day 1

Part 1 All about you

Welcome, course introduction, aim and objectives

Personal introductions and developing confidence in your professional trainer brand – elevator pitches with feedback to build control over nerves, body language, voice

Part 2 Learning and learners, training and trainers

The trainer role and training in organisations

Why organisations train – and what are the blocks

Why and how adults learn

Introducing facilitation skills

Part 3 The Training Cycle

Planning training: audience learning needs analysis, setting aim and objectives

Designing and preparing training: gathering, writing and structuring material, delivery methods, PowerPoint

Delivering training: public speaking, presentation and facilitation skills, dealing with people and questions

Course Programme Day 2

Part 1 Practical

Delegates deliver their own prepared short training presentations

Reflection, discussion and shared peer group and tutor feedback throughout for post course continuing professional development

Part 2 Post training

Evaluating training: delegates’ reaction, learning and new behaviour, and the effect of the training on their organisation

Personal development plans and conclusions

Post course reading and playlist


Delegate response to Train the Trainer



For discussion and bookings

Philippa Hammond

Speak Up and Step Up 1-1 Programmes

You CAN learn Confident Public Speaking – in as little as six weeks!

You CAN learn Confident Public Speaking – in as little as six weeks!

Speak Up and Step Up: Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills online coaching programme

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

My three step system takes business people struggling with public speaking nerves to freedom from anxiety and fear.

For complete beginners, the nervous speaker and brushing up the basics if it’s been a while

Learn and practice your newly acquired skills in a safe, supportive space

Develop the confidence and skill you need, to:

Feel, look and sound better, when you’re speaking in person and online

Craft and deliver a great message about you and your business

… in as little as six weeks.

All six one-hour 1-1 sessions are delivered via Zoom.

Confident Public Speaking three-step process

🌟Step 1: Feel better about yourself and your public speaking with my nerve-beating confidence-boosting 1-1 coaching

🌟Step 2: Learn the essential insider skills for planning, writing and delivering a memorable message that trainers, public speakers and performers have always used

🌟Step 3: Practice all your new skills in a safe space with my honest, respectful and constructive feedback and guidance.

Confident Public Speaking programme content details

🌟Step 1

Nerves, confidence and personal impact – feel, look and sound better in person and online

Goal setting

Elevator pitch – introducing yourself in a business setting


Fight or flight

Think + feel + behave = results

Your audience

Visual impact – Your body language

Vocal impact – Your voice

Zoom – Technical tips on positioning your device and lens for best impact

Zoom – Making your available light work for you

Zoom – How to look your best to your screen audience

Zoom – Actor tips for sounding better on mic

🌟Step 2

Verbal impact – Planning and preparing your content and material, ready to deliver a great message

Audience analysis – their pain, their pleasure, their drivers

Setting aim and objectives, for their new knowledge, skills, attitudes and permanent change in behaviour

Mind mapping, prioritising and structuring your content

Creating PowerPoints

Facilitation skills

Reading aloud


Dealing with difficult people and situations

🌟Step 3

Practice and polish

A practical business presentation, with honest, respectful and constructive feedback.

This can be a dress rehearsal of any important upcoming presentation, if required.


My 1-1 coaching clients say:

🗨️ ‘Highly recommended’ 

Issac Theophilos, author of the Amazon bestseller book ‘How To Get Outstanding.’

🗨️‘You were a great help to me’

Elvira Gabos, Southern Water, Water Industry Award winner 2019

🗨️‘A massive confidence boost’

James Clammer, author and Carnegie medal nominee

🗨️‘An experience that just kept giving!’ 

James Stalley, founding director Pure Choice Partnership

🗨️‘Philippa was so easy to work with’

Stephanie Cronin, founder/owner Summers Photography

🗨️‘Philippa offers excellent, practical advice in a friendly manner’

Cathal McCabe, solicitor, Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors 

🗨️‘Equipping you with the necessary skills to conquer public speaking’

Rachel Nicholas, solicitor, Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors

🗨️‘It’s life-changing to have the confidence and know-how to speak well in public’

Corinne Card, co-founder Full Story Media, trainer, speaker, digital PR



A payment plan of two instalments of £250 is available.


For a free consulting call with me to find out how I can help you feel, project and inspire new confidence.

I’m only enrolling four new clients per month on my Programme – my books are currently open.

Looking forward to working with you!

Philippa Hammond

Confident Public Speaking skills coaching for leadership, management and business

Networking for beginners

It’s not what you know, it’s not who you know – it’s who knows you that counts.

It’s not what you know, it’s not who you know – it’s who knows you that counts.

Face to face networking is an actor and business essential, and gets easier the more you do it.

Everyone starts out shy and uncertain – and gets better at networking with practice.

Top tips for making the most of networking events

Get cards with your photo, contact details and white space for them to write on it when and how they met you.

Polish your elevator pitch – who are you, what do you do – so you can quickly and gracefully introduce yourself.

Practice a few opening remarks.

Act as you would if you already know them and treat them as you would like them to treat you.

Remember this is (probably) not a singles dating event.

Ask them about themselves and listen to their story too.

Keep going – consistency works. Renew those acquaintances, remember names, faces and stories.

And practice your closing remarks, too – great to meet you, have a good evening …

Follow up – email, connect on LinkedIn, keep the conversations going and your news appearing online – without becoming a pest.

Philippa Hammond

The art of Kintsugi

Imagine you had a beautiful bowl, and it broke…

Imagine you had a beautiful bowl, and it broke.

You could throw it away – it’s useless.

You could mend it invisibly – shhhh, it’s a secret, no-one must ever know it broke …

Or you could mend it using gold, so the break will always be a part of what it is, and the mend a beautiful, essential element of its recovery, strength and continuing life.

This post really wasn’t about pots.

Philippa Hammond

Confident Public Speaking for leadership, management and business

Corporate workshops and online 1-1 coaching