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Speaking well in public is a vital business and social skill for professional and personal impact.

Dealing with nerves and building confidence, developing a strong and interesting voice and taking control of your body language are essential for the confident, effective speaker.

We offer our portfolio of one day Public Speaking Skills training courses for:

  • Beginner / Refresher: Confident Public Speaking
  • Experienced / Improver: Practical Public Speaking
  • All: Levels: Reading Aloud to an Audience

You can learn the professional knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to succeed with Speaking Well In Public. We offer many options.

Our Training: The Classics

Our two established one-day courses:

Level 1: Confident Public Speaking – Skills for Beginners

An essential introduction to the basics – ideal for all. The course modules appear below. These subjects are all delivered at an introductory level on this course, and can also be expanded and developed as you require for your bespoke event.

Level 2: Practical Public Speaking – Developing Your Skills

This course assumes that participants have attended Confident Public Speaking or have some experience, and offer delegates a concentrated practical day of prepared presentations and developmental feedback.

Our Training: The Flavours

Our classic courses can also be delivered in a variety of ‘flavours’ focussed on the audience and their immediate public speaking needs, such as:

  • Pitching confidence
  • Speaking to the press
  • Speaking in court
  • Meetings confidence
  • Train the trainer
  • Conference confidence
  • Speaking at corporate social events
  • Networking confidence
  • Briefing your team
  • Reading a speech or academic paper to an audience
  • Speaking for students

Our Training: Bespoke Events

Alternatively, you can create your own bespoke course of any length, for any size audience or event, to any level, by combining any modules from our menu below.

For example, if you wish to create a day focusing on developing the voice, we could combine Dealing with Nerves, The Professional Voice and Reading Aloud Means Business.

If you wish to develop your existing trainers, you might like to to combine How Adults Learn, Ice Breakers and Facilitation Skills.

You might prefer an in-depth exploration of one single topic. For example, you may wish to book one full day on Persuading and influencing. We can then deliver an event focusing entirely on this issue on a deeper and more wide-ranging scale than is possible at an event where a large selection of modules are chosen for one day.

You may be considering a longer programme such as one week, in which case you may like to choose an extensive selection of in-depth topics from the ‘menu’.

Or you may only have a short time to devote to training – so we can develop and deliver an Essentials event with key points and punchy, memorable practical exercises to make your message stick fast.

Whatever your needs, we offer flexible, responsive and effective training and true value for money. If you don’t see the subject you require, we’ll be pleased to advise you.

Essential Public Speaking and Presentation Skills: Bespoke Menu

These modules are all delivered at an introductory level on our Confident Public Speaking Skills one-day course. You can choose to book fewer modules at a more in-depth and expanded level for your bespoke event. The choice is yours.

The elevator pitch – answering the question ‘who are you and what do you do?’ in a way that will establish your credentials and how you can benefit your audience, capturing and keeping their interest with brevity, impact and grace

First steps – what you need to know before you begin, learning about your audience and their needs, setting your aim and SMART objectives

The material – mind mapping your initial ideas for content, focusing and prioritising

  • beginning, middle and end
  • structuring your material
  • the importance of a good introduction
  • creating a compelling argument with a tool kit of useful tricks and tips including humour, positive language and the rule of three, analogy, mnemonics, memory aids and anecdotes
  • in conclusion – reinforcing your key message at close of speech

Visual aids – the different types

  • Powerpoint and flipchart
  • how they support your presentation
  • their pros and cons
  • their design and use

Getting it down on paper – the different methods

  • reading from a full script
  • working from Powerpoint notes
  • notecards
  • their pros and cons

 Delivery methods – getting your message across

  •  the formal lecture or speech
  • practical sessions
  • role play exercises
  • question and answer sessions
  • discussion sessions
  • the pros and cons of each

 Rehearsal – how to get ready for success

 Dealing with nerves

  • why we get nervous
  • what nerves do to us
  • how to build confidence, control and channel nerves to power your communication

 The professional voice

  •  relaxation and breathing control
  • developing a compelling and interesting voice
  • Non-verbal communication – how to enhance your personal impact
  • supporting your message with expression, body language and gesture

 Interactions – for presentations, meetings, training, networking and interviews

  •  building your listening, questioning and answering skills

 Evaluating – How am I doing?

  • how to review any presentation, speech or training session during, at the end of and after the event, checking return on investment and your own continuing professional development

 Further Public Speaking Skills: Bespoke Menu

A selection of skills exploring how to present yourself well when out and about at trade shows, conferences, training events, networking events and anywhere you and your staff need to make a strong personal and professional impact. Choose from:

Developing your online image – they will Google you, so plan and create your own image in advance

  • establishing your credentials and achievements through your online presence including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

How do I look? – your audience will make up their mind about you before you say a word

  • present a positive impression with dress, grooming, appropriate use of make-up for women [and men] suitable for event, screen and stage lighting
  • looking good on stage and camera, in photographs, video and online

How do I sound? – developing a strong and interesting voice

  • relaxation, breathing and voice exercises and practice
  • developing the credible voice of authority
  • effective microphone use – look and sound confident

Networking and conference confidence – networking can be difficult at first, but is a vital skill

  • dealing with nerves and developing the confidence to join in
  • the elevator pitch – how to answer the question “and what do you do?” to capture and keep their interest with brevity, impact and grace
  • effective questioning and listening skills
  • using the business card

Reading aloud means business – how to capture and keep an audience’s attention, giving your reading an interesting and engaging professional polish when you read formal speeches and papers aloud to an audience

  •  marking up a script to guide your reading
  • using your voice to capture and keep interest and get your message across [the vocal skill set used by professional broadcasters and actors]

Corporate roleplay skills – techniques used by professional actor / role-players useful for recruitment, training, assessment and development activities

  • learning, creating and sustaining interesting and believable characters and scenarios to enhance your corporate events

Facilitation skills – techniques for running engaging and effective meetings, mediations, training, fact-finding events and discussions

  • ten practical techniques for your tool kit
  • the qualities needed by the successful facilitator
  • the ‘Facilitation Challenge’ practical exercise

How adults learn – how to appeal to different learning styles

  • the four PARTs: Pragmatists, Activists, Reflectors and Theorists
  • the Visualiser, Auditory and Kinaesthetic styles
  • Ice breakers – energisers and group exercises for trainers

Assertive speaking – a set of skills for dealing with difficult people and challenging situations

One to One Public Speaking Coaching

If you need to prepare for an important event where you may be addressing a key audience, reading a formal speech, etc, we can provide one-to-one executive coaching precisely tailored to your needs.learn the techniques used by performers, broadcasters, and politicians to make a personal and professional impact at a high stakes event

Practice in private with concentrated guidance and feedback.

Business, Management and Leadership Skills: Bespoke Menu

A set of principles and concepts for the new and future manager’s professional and personal development

If you wish to develop your new managers, you might choose First Steps In Leadership, Performance Management and Introduction to Coaching.

Alternatively, you might wish to book a longer course covering a wide variety of topics from our leadership and public speaking menus.

Leadership Essentials our new one day course for 2017

First steps In leadership – how to get the best out of yourself and others

  • what makes people tick – understanding your own and others’ personality, learning styles and motivations
  • key leadership qualities
  • establishing personal presence through voice and body language
  • dealing with nerves and personal confidence-building
  • becoming more assertive

 Performance management – developing confident communication skills for tackling

  • difficult conversations and situations
  • conversational skills
  • holding the one to one
  • setting SMART objectives
  • techniques for giving difficult or developmental performance feedback
  • dealing with under-performance

Introduction to Coaching – helping team members, colleagues and clients to identify, set and achieve their goals

  • introduces the GROW questions model for effective coaching conversations.

Change management – skills for introducing and managing change at work

  • emotional reactions to change
  • a practical process for successfully handling the moment the change is introduced

Persuading and influencing – skills for persuading, influencing, negotiating with others

  • thinking, feeling and behaving assertively
  • the voice of influence – using language and your vocal skills to influence others
  • “Dragons’ Den” – a practical exercise

Investigative interview skills – skills for successful investigations for disciplinary proceedings, casework and fact-finding exercises. An introduction to the “PEACE” method as used by the police and other investigators, with skills practice:

  • Plan and prepare – Thorough preparation for a successful interview
  • Engage and explain – Setting the tone and facilitating co-operation
  • Account – Interview styles and questioning techniques for gathering information, with confident and assertive clarification and challenge where appropriate, dealing with grey areas,contradictions and lies
  • Closure – Ending the interview well
  • Evaluation – Reviewing the material and taking it forward

Time Management – practical skills for managing your time at work and at home for personal effectiveness and results

Career Development: Bespoke menu

We offer executive career development coaching and bespoke corporate outplacement training events. We can provide flexible one-to-one coaching and group seminars for any size audience.

Brand ‘New You’ – How to develop, package and market your personal brand, taking control of your verbal, visual and vocal impact to develop your career

  • identifying your transferable skills
  • creating the modern CV with impact – what to include, what to leave out and using key words for success
  • accessing the hidden job market
  • taking control of your online presence to market your skills
  • how to network
  • effective interview skills

And any other elements you require.

 Practical Exercises

We recommend that all our events include skills practices and interactive elements, allowing the delegates to put it all into context and learn by doing. For example:

  •  presentations to class and / or to camera
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • group exercises doubling as learning experiences and as team building events
  • skills practices with group and tutor feedback
  • private one-to-one feedback evaluating and reviewing a presentation
  • post course work for continuing personal and professional development

We can tailor a bespoke corporate event of any length for your company or organisation, incorporating and adapting any of these modules to your needs.

We can also add a video element to your event – a permanent record of your delegates’ performance for personal development and discussion.

If you don’t see what you require, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to advise you.



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