My values

Whatever your field, you’re a one person business with one product and one service – you and what you do.

Your brand is what they say about you when you’re not in the room – and your values are part of your personal brand.

So what are your Values?

It’s worth taking time to explore the question, because the answers will inform everything you do.

My Values

About me: I’ll never stop learning

We’re learning creatures – our brains never stop learning. I aim to seek and respond to feedback, research, read, reflect and write, and collect, curate and share.

About us: I collaborate

I aim to ask the right questions, listen and watch, find what’s missing, highlight what doesn’t work and feed what does.

About you: I deliver

I give honest, respectful, constructive feedback in clear, simple Plain English

And I deliver value-for-money results with integrity, accountability and professionalism

Philippa Hammond