Inspirational speaker – Brighton


Inspirational speaking for your conference, outplacement event or corporate social occasion with teacher of public speaking skills, management learning and development consultant, actor and voice artist Philippa Hammond.

About Philippa Hammond

City Business Club

Philippa was keynote speaker at the Brighton City Business Club’s breakfast networking event sponsored by the Argus and City College.

They said:

“Brilliant Presentation by Philippa Hammond @TalkingSpeaking, thoroughly enjoyable and informative…. Thank you !!!!”

Tweeted by City Business Skills ‏@CityBizSkills


Philippa’s current presentations:

Beat the Fear and Speak

  • Confidence-building for public speaking, outplacement and career development
  • Techniques for overcoming the fear of public speaking, dealing with nerves, building confidence and making your voice heard

Brand ‘New You’

  • Career development for the professional
  • Dealing with stress and change
  • Building confidence
  • Skills auditing and building the CV with impact
  • Online recruitment and marketing via social networking sites
  • Interview success
  • Tailored version for the over-50s audience


To book Philippa as an inspirational speaker:

10-minute after dinner or keynote speaking

A 45-minute programme feature at your conference or corporate outplacement event

T: 07017 037590



  • Deliver a successful event with interactive, informative and engaging inspirational speaking
  • Give your people relevant new skills and attitudes
  • Make an impact on your business and customers