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You’ve never had the chance to train, get essential knowledge or practise public speaking skills. Maybe you’re seeking a new role, or you’ve been promoted or you’re starting your own business and you know you’re going to have to do it. Nerves and lack of confidence, past bad experiences and careless feedback can make you worry about failing, so you’ve always managed to avoid it – until now.


You’ve maybe had some experience and training, but you’d like to brush up the basics, have a practice with honest, constructive and respectful feedback to build your public speaking confidence, insider knowledge and skills.


You’re a speaker with some experience, preparing that keynote speech, presentation or special event and you need a full dress rehearsal with professional feedback on your personal impact.

Do you …

Speak 1-1, to small groups, larger gatherings or big audiences?

Need to inspire and lead your teams?

Moderate panels or deliver lectures, presentations and talks at conventions and conferences?

Give business presentations?

Pitch for new contracts?

Address assemblies, panels and committees?

Work in teaching, lecturing and training?

Read your own fiction and poetry to an audience?

Speak socially at special occasions, after-dinner and fund-raising events?

Appear in videos, podcasts and voice overs?

Do you want to …

Deal with nerves and build confidence and personal impact?

Develop a strong and interesting voice?

Use convincing body language, confident gesture and the stance of authority?

Inform, inspire and entertain?

Deliver an effective message?

Whatever your field and needs, you may find a private 1-1 coaching session can help.

Clients have requested:

‘Any feedback you have on my current speaking ability, and any tips you have for confidently presenting my ideas …’

‘I sometimes find it difficult to articulate my ideas properly and would like to become a relaxed speaker who mixes informality with professionalism …’

‘My biggest fear is giving the impression that I don’t know what I’m talking about in front of people who do – so I’d like to overcome this, too …’

‘I just want to be more polished as I have to present to Europeans and am conscious I have to slow down but don’t want to be boring …’

‘I have been running a project which has attracted some media attention following on from an article about it in the Guardian, and so I have been asked to speak on the radio and appear on TV. I thought I could do with up-skilling myself in public speaking …’

‘I would like to address my slight (okay big) fear of speaking to large groups, my posture and overall confidence …’

‘I want to learn how to master those nerves and feel confident that if I am asked to read I will do it well and enjoy it, rather than feel overwhelmed with panic …!’

‘Generally want to work on pitch, tone, delivery and controlling nerves so the words aren’t swimming on the page as I stand up there …’

‘Although I’ve had media training and plenty of experience of speaking to the media, I clam up when put in front of a group of people and asked to speak …!’

‘To improve my pace, clarity and confidence in delivering talks …’

‘I find myself very shy especially in social settings with groups, and have difficulty when having to carry out presentations to groups …’

Clients say

Just wanted to let you know that I did my reading in London last night for the new publishers and it went REALLY WELL. That session and the advice you gave me was invaluable. I practised loads beforehand as you recommended and it paid off. I even felt surprisingly calm before going on. This is a massive confidence boost and it’s mostly thanks to you!’

James Clammer, author and Carnegie Medal nominee

Philippa is great: she listens to you and analyses your situation in a specific, context-based method; she works with you and provides tailor-made tips to help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills. I’d strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their public speaking skills.’

Feras Alkabani, University of Sussex

‘Philippa helped me gain confidence with public speaking last year, and her help had a powerful effect on my working life. Following a session with Philippa, I delivered a workplace training session to 40 people. The feedback was great, and other people were then asked to consider how they could make their training sessions more like mine! I’ve now co-founded my own business, and media training from our Coverage Class sessions are one of our core offerings.

Corinne Card, Full Story Media Limited

Thank you Philippa. You were a great help to me.’

Elvira Gabos, Southern Water – Winner of the 2019 Water Industry Award for Drainage and Flood Protection

‘… Philippa then gave me some great tools to help me carry out a much more relaxed presentation and I have to say I didn’t even feel nervous about presenting it after seeing her. I would definitely recommend Philippa, she really took the “nasty fearful” part out of public speaking … ‘

Ashley Walters

I attended a short session with Philippa to refine my public speaking skills and found it really beneficial. Philippa’s confidence is contagious, and I came away with practical tips on how I can continue to improve my delivery of presentations, workshops and panel discussions’

Sarah Juckes, Business Development Manager Completely Novel

“Thank you for a genuinely inspiring session, it has been more than worth the money and you have given me so much to think about… “

Alex Shilton

“Just recorded my first radio interview! Your tips really helped. No AQI! Thank you x” [Received later:] ‘Your advice has been really helpful and I’m doing more speaking and even some radio interviewing.’

Samantha Wilding, style&grace ‏@alwayschicUK

I was asked to run a workshop at a very prestigious conference and felt that I needed some expert input to help improve my public speaking skills in front of large groups.

During our 2 hours session Philippa gave me honest and constructive feedback on all aspects of my presentation and how I came across as speaker.

She also sent me some useful exercises and follow up work to do before the event so that I was able to fully prepare.

I highly recommend Philippa to anyone who would like to speak confidently and well in public.”

Claire Griffin, Claire Griffin Talent Ltd @ClaireGriffin

How I can help

I offer a two hour 1-1 coaching session to cover exactly what the client wants to address.

Tip: If you’re preparing for a particular event, it’s wise not to book a coaching session for the day before. Better to take your session well in advance, to allow time for embedding new knowledge, practising skills and developing confidence.

For preparation I would ask you to do three things:

Prepare your Elevator Speech – your answer to the question ‘who are you and what do you do?’ Imagine you’ve been asked to introduce yourself to an assembly and you want to let them know what you do and what makes you so great. Do see my article on the  Elevator Speech for guidance.

Prepare the speech or presentation you’re about to deliver, or a typical speech as an example. if you don’t have a particular piece to practice, I’ll set exercises on the day.

Let me know if there is anything else that you’d specifically like to address – any worries, previous negative feedback, perceived weaknesses and so on.

I’ll ask you to do your speech(es) for me and I’ll give my honest, respectful and constructive feedback, plus exercises and actions to take away.

We can do a lot in two hours, and I’ll leave you with plenty of homework – most of your personal development will come from practising and reflecting on your new skills afterwards.



Do contact me for for bookings, further information and discussions.

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